As a company engaged in the manufacture of custom software, the job description above programs "tailored" to one particular customer. But there are several unified applications that are immediately available, or can be used as a source of further treatment.

forfox CASH (Pokladna)

Software designed for retail sales counter. Includes inventory management, invoices and records prodejek, customer complaints and warehouse. The possibility of inventory by serial numbers. Sale with discounts for loyal customers and so on.

forfox Retail (Maloobchod)

A multi forfox CASH augmented by a central repository. Communication between centers, inventory transfers, central records, sales statistics.


Software suitable for business owners. Records of invoices, customers. The return value added tax. Possibility of stock. Evidence of contracts. Records of vehicle log book and return to the road tax.


Project intended for doctors ordering patients over the Internet. The doctor applies for a license to the system and on its website to publish link ordering system. The patient clicks on the link and the registration may be given to the doctor ordered.

Tennis Courts Project

Web application designed for sporting club facilities (As the title suggests, especially for tennis sport, but only for them). With this portal operator manages the club members, sports facilities and their operation, occupancy and reservations. The application site is located on the operator.

forfox AutoBackup

Designed for regular automatic backup of files and databases with history.