Price list

As a company engaged in the manufacture of custom software, the job description above programs "tailored" to one particular customer. But there are several unified applications that are immediately available, or can be used as a source of further treatment. All prices are without 20% VAT


The standard version 9.500 CZK
The network version 13.500 CZK


The standard version 5 licenses + Treasury headquarters 35.000 CZK


The standard version 6.000 CZK

project K-LEKARI.CZ

First registration for 1 medical / health. equipment for 1/2 year (for trial) free
Service of 1 medical / health. equipment for 1 year 1 300 CZK
Service for 1 medical / health. equipment for 2 years 2 400 CZK
Placing your own web pages in the for 1 year, such as Http :/ / 200 CZK
Web Design, selection of a variety of patterns, adding text and images 2 000 CZK
Web Design, Individual Design Agreement

Tennis courts project (Tenisové kurty)

Standard versions up to 10 courts (sports) 7.000 CZK


The license is freeware, ie 0 CZK

Programming capacity

Measurable time-programming activities outside the specified project. Standard per hour 750 CZK / 30 €

Service and consultancy

Time measured service and consulting services provided outside of the project. Standard per hour 500 CZK / 20 €